The MedGeneration project has come to an end on 30 June 2016, after a 30 months implementation period in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine, more than 1280 persons directly involved, 49 operations organised, a community of 300 Diaspora identified and mobilised, more than 40 entrepreneurs coached by 11 Diaspora talents etc. 

This project is both an achievement and an important first step, since it enabled to deploy and test a wide range of actions to help mobilise these talents including: connecting with actors of the country of origin, business missions, training of young entrepreneurs in the country of origin, and policy advocacy missions. MedGeneration has also helped stakeholders in partner countries to organise themselves, to contact these talents in a coordinated manner, with concerted messages in line with the country's development strategy. MedGeneration confirmed that the expatriate talents of the southern Mediterranean countries possess real leverage and skills and can be key players assisting in the acceleration of the Mediterranean economies. They constitute a potential valuable asset as opinion formers, business contacts, know-how providers, or even as investors.

Finally, the project enabled summarising in a white paper how much is left to be done to facilitate the involvement of the Diasporas. Issues of mobility, portability of statutes and rights, and the lack of dedicated funds and facilities to promote the Diasporas' projects remain impediments that we must tackle for years to come.

ANIMA wishes to thank all the partners for their commitment to this project, and all those who are interested in this pilot approach: the Union for the Mediterranean, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, and the World Bank.


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