Mosaic of people that participated in the MedGeneration project2015 was definitely a key year for anchoring MedGeneration in the Mediterranean. Throughout the year, the project was marked by highlights that allowed to accompany bicultural talents in their project, to support actors involved with diasporas, exchange experiences and good practices within the Euro-Mediterranean area and create ever more opportunities to bring expatriates and local actors around a common goal: implementing development strategies facilitating the engagement of economic diasporas.

Thanks to the production of guides, policy recommendations, and 23 events and activities involving nearly 900 people in Europe, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon, MedGeneration continued its goals in terms of policy advocacy, business creation and entrepreneurship and investment in diaspora's projects.

Nevertheless, other goals remain to be achieved, particularly for establishing sustainable business relationships between diaspora and local actors and organising a range of services in the countries of origin, in order to durably support these expatriate talents and their projects.

Encouraged by the progress made on the ground and determined to increase the impact of the project, the MedGeneration team wanted to continue the project in 2016, which has  been authorised by the European Commission. Thus the first half of 2016 will be used to consolidate the established bases and promises new highlights including study tours of the Diaspora, business meetings, training and mentoring for entrepreneurs, technical assistance missions and a third and final high-level seminar on economic diasporas investment.


The beginning of the year was also painfully marked by the disappearance of Bayan Aabed, an active member of the consortium in Palestine. The team and the entire MedGeneration community mobilise to pay homage to him.