Hints for the engagement of Lebanese Diaspora

Lebanese venture capital could invest in startups launched by Diasporas entrepreneurs outside Lebanon and encourage them to set up engineering back offices in Lebanon. The country could as well launch campaigns to identify opportunities and openings, to list jobs and offer practical repatriation tips on dedicated websites, in addition to enhancing diaspora-oriented communication. Finally, the Lebanese Diaspora could hire more contractors remotely, given the success of mobile app development company FOO: FOO relied on the support of the Lebanese Diaspora for its initial business development and now generates 60 % of its revenues abroad.


Those three items are complementary for the development of Lebanese startups: they help developing the Lebanese talent pool. The three options could be eased practically, legally and financially. In the case of Lebanon, internet access and speed remains a priority. Meanwhile, an effort would be of high value in order to favor a collective communication on diaspora startup opportunities.