Brochure MedGeneration

MedGeneration project aims to mobilise economic Diasporas for the Mediterranean countries development. Activities implemented in the project will allow representatives of the economic Diaspora and Jordanian, Lebanese and Palestinian governments to exchange and share their views on the necessary conditions for a stronger engagement of Diasporas for the development of Mediterranean territories. MedGeneration contributes to local development and aims to strengthen the entrepreneurship in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine through activities supporting investment projects, transfer of innovation, training, coaching and customised support.


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International High level seminar on Diasporas' recommendations

ACIM and ANIMA have organized on 24 and 25 June 2014 in Marseille a High Level Seminar on the theme "For new policies for the investment of diasporas in the Mediterranean." This seminar focused on Diasporas from Maghreb and Mashreq (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine). It brought together at the Villa Mediterranée, participants from Diaspora, entrepreneurs, donors, associations and investment agencies to discuss their projects, share findings to determine axes that will be the foundation of new public policies. The seminar has thus concluded by concrete recommendations to improve the flow, the critical path of diaspora entrepreneurs and offer them innovative services.


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