Sucess Story of Moroccan Amine Sebti

Amine Sebti funded SanTéV in 2014, first Moroccan TV channel dedicated to health. The channel reaches a monthly audience of 60.000 people. It aims at reaching 130 000 Euros of sales revenue in 2016. Amine was supported by CEED Morocco in the development of its company. Thanks to its experience in the United States, where he obtained a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and a MBA, Amine Sebti worked a couple of years as an engineer in a major telecommunication company. In 2009, he decided to come back to Morocco and to create an IT start-up called "Commentis".


In March 2013, while watching TV in a doctor's waiting room, the young engineer came up with the idea of creating a channel specialised in health and welfare issues for medical office: SanTéV was born. In March 2014, the channel aims at educate and raise awareness on health and fitness. "The principle is simple: we set up box broadcasting 4 minutes programmes in replay in French and in Darija. We target dermatology, gynaecology and paediatrics waiting rooms" states Amine.


The first audience is Moroccan women. Therefore, Amine recruits personalities and coaches from the medical and paramedical world to produce the programmes, as well as a technical team. The business model is based on sales to laboratory, medical insurance and schools, but also to major consumer goods companies.


In September 2014, after 6 month of experiences, Amine decided to join CEED Morocco and follow the CEED Grow programme in order to get best advises and take the proper decisions. He meets other entrepreneurs and mentors, who know perfectly well the advertising community and can provide guidance: "As an entrepreneur, you have to deal with tough moments. Your mentor supports you to grow energy to keep going on" confides Amine.


"Because of the extent and scale of CEED network, I obtained advises on how to negotiate with a business angel and how to maximise the growth of my company. To become a successful entrepreneur, you need a good network but also a good media coverage". Après only one year of experience, SanTéV have already a diversified portfolio of 100 doctors. The company has 5 staff members and plans to recruit two more in 2016.