Issues and objectives


An approach based on the potential of development of Economic Diasporas


The most recent statistics estimate nearly 10 million the number of migrants from the countries of the southern and eastern Mediterranean shore based abroad. How then we can better mobilize this great reservoir of economic talents (yet underused), by encouraging the return of project holders from the diaspora and accompanying expatriate investors wishing to invest back in their country of origin?

While the impact of the economic crisis and the many post-Arab Spring political tensions weigh more and more on the socio-economic balance in the region, the Mediterranean governments could use and exploit the potential of diasporas to enhance their economic dynamism and strengthen their international competitiveness: increase their stream of productive investments, improve their international attractiveness or stimulate the spirit of business at the local level through the promotion of entrepreneurial success stories of the diaspora, particularly among younger populations.


An enterpreneur is holding the globe in his hands. A concrete action program for training and supporting on each territory


Therefore, it is necessary to support local and national authorities in the implementation of public policies as well as targeted measures to attract this specific population, often demanding in business relationships, but which nonetheless culturally and emotionally strongly attached to their country of origin.

To achieve these objectives, MedGeneration aims to introduce in 3 pilot areas (Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan) realistic development strategies and mobilizing high-level economic diasporas around concrete action plans on each territory.


A project involving various stakeholders


The Project Partners

Local organisations of associated territories

SMEs / VSEs and aspiring entrepreneurs

Economic Diaspora members 

Governments and high level officials